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Vodcast # 39 - Localise your Global Brand in Asia by Gurjeet Chima

5️⃣ What are the 5 important things companies looking to conquer local markets should know?

Mckinsey reports that for every successful market entry effort, about four fail.

📉It’s not only Inexperienced start-ups that suffer the brunt of this failure but also many sophisticated corporations and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Entering a foreign market, surviving the competition and eventually making a name for yourself depends on many factors such as timing, competition in the market and your ability to make the best of your core skills, amongst many others.

📑 Your strategy in making these important decisions is key as you might never get a second chance to make your mark.

That’s why this week’s TCP tip of the week is from @Gurjeet Chima, an expert in International markets. She shares valuable insights for companies looking to conquer local markets.

✅In this short video, she talks about how to lay down the right foundation for your localization strategy and 5 highly actionable pointers to level up your localization game

What are other important points which are part of your localisation strategy?

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