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Vodcast # 33 - Unconscious Bias by Sunaina Vij

When we think of words like loyal, culture and teacher, we will have mental pictures of these things. These are our unintentional perceptions and beliefs inherited through past experience, stereotypes, socializations as well as mental pre conditionings.

Research shows that our brain gathers 11 billion bits of information at one time. What happens to these information is our brain efficiently interprets them, beyond our level of awareness - which forms patterns on their own. This forms the basis of unconscious bias (can be positive or negative).

It affects the way we perceive, evaluate & interact with each other. E.g. hiring, working with each other and decision making. The problem arises with it is not recognized. It could lead to decisions that affect both organizations and individuals. Being aware of them is the 1st step.

If we do not make a conscious effort and be mindful, it can lead to problems. Organizations have a major role to play - e.g. hiring experts the proper strategies to deal with unconscious bias. Create inclusive work practices and talk with diversity consultants are great ways.

So, go ahead, think about it & try to recognize your bias. Stay tuned.

About the Speaker:

Ms. Sunaina Vij is a certified Cultural Intelligence facilitator (CQ) and a linguist. Based in Mumbai, she founded The Bridge to facilitate intercultural growth in the multicultural subcontinent of India. She is associated with various organisations such as American School of Bombay, Alliance française de Bombay and Renaissance strategic Consultant Pvt. ltd. She is also a part of SIETAR Europa (Society for Intercultural Training and Research) 2019 organising committee. With over a decade of experience, she has worked with senior management of different organisations such as AREVA India Pvt Ltd., Ernst & Young, Intelnet Global and State Bank of India- Société Générale. She has also worked with educational institutions in India and expats living in Mumbai. Her areas of expertise include Cross-Cultural communication, Cultural Intelligence facilitation and inclusive work practice. She is a FLE specialist (teaching French as foreign language). She knows English, Hindi, French and three Indian regional languages.

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