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Vodcast # 26 - Widening your Horizon in a Cross-Cultural Setting by Shiela Cancino

Ex-hedge fund manager Shiela shared with us her experience in the States 🇺🇸 working with visionary leaders who share long-term goals, while not losing focus to engage with teams in Asia, as well as each individual’s needs and concerns.

The power of listening 🎧 and engagement from the American project leaders made Shiela feel belonged & appreciated. It inspired Shiela to be able to work with colleagues from culturally diverse backgrounds as well. For her, she found a good move; but she didn’t stop finding better moves.

How did you find better solutions at your workplace and do you have a big picture 🛤️ in mind regarding the work you are doing?

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About Sheila

Sheila Cancino is the author of “Pawn to Queen, Life’s Chess and Quest”, and founder of The Treasures Finder. She is a Certified ICF coach, a member of European Mentoring & Coaching Council, and the Hong Kong International Coaching Community. She is a global citizen, originally from the Philippines and lived in other cities including Bermuda, Cincinnati, Ohio, Bangalore, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Other than playing chess, reading, and book writing, she also loves public speaking. With her "Chess Pawn" speech, she was awarded as the Champion of the JCI World Public Speaking Championship (Hong Kong Selection) 2018 and 1st Runner Up in Toastmasters Division K International Speech Contest in April 2018. She has completed professional speaking programs and a member of Toastmasters and Asia Professional Speaking Singapore.

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