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Vodcast # 25 - Cultural Intelligence (CQ) by Sunaina Vij

Last week I waited for almost 20 minutes before my client arrived for our meeting. I had pretty much made up my mind that my client was not interested in cracking the deal with my company. Oh! I have an important meeting coming up! Small talk or not? I don't know! My team NEVER delivers on time! I'm so frustrated!

  • Do these scenarios sound like what happened to you?

  • How often do you face these challenges?

  • How often do you wonder how to effectively work as a leader with a diverse team?

Sunaina Vij, our Cultural Intelligence facilitator, helps individuals and organisations across the world to collaborate effectively using different tools. And today we will be talking about Cultural Intelligence for better collaboration across cultures.

Cultural Intelligence, also known as Cultural Quotient or CQ is the ability to adapt successfully across cultures. It can help you develop an in-depth understanding and awareness of working styles of your own and culture. It can help improve communication, collaboration,. Teamwork and performance.

And we know that with globalisation and a diverse workforce, the business environment is so complex today and there is no better time for leaders to invest in developing their ability to function effectively across cultures. So,

1. Do not assume or judge. Remember we view things through our personal lens

2. Cultivate self awareness. You may behave or react the way you do because that might be culturally appropriate in your social context.

3. Expand your worldview & develop a strategy. Your learning should translate into actions.

Welcome to share to let more audience cultivate CQ!

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About the Speaker:

Ms. Sunaina Vij is a certified Cultural Intelligence facilitator (CQ) and a linguist. Based in Mumbai, she founded The Bridge to facilitate intercultural growth in the multicultural subcontinent of India. She is associated with various organisations such as American School of Bombay, Alliance française de Bombay and Renaissance strategic Consultant Pvt. ltd. She is also a part of SIETAR Europa (Society for Intercultural Training and Research) 2019 organising committee. With over a decade of experience, she has worked with senior management of different organisations such as AREVA India Pvt Ltd., Ernst & Young, Intelnet Global and State Bank of India- Société Générale. She has also worked with educational institutions in India and expats living in Mumbai. Her areas of expertise include Cross-Cultural communication, Cultural Intelligence facilitation and inclusive work practice. She is a FLE specialist (teaching French as foreign language). She knows English, Hindi, French and three Indian regional languages.

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