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Vodcast # 23 - Global Mindset & Asia Story by Sini Koskenseppä

Our friend - Sini Koskenseppä, who is a media entrepreneur and radio program manager in Finland, shares with us her cultural story in Tokyo. When she was working in Japan, business owners greeted the clients when saying goodbye, bowing until they were out of sight.

For Sini, the takeaway is the impact of good manners in different ways. As an observer, she thinks the respect the business owners had for their clients , precision of business practices that they own up to, the appreciation of beauty both in external factors of the business and the human interactions inspired her a lot.

In the Nordic culture, obviously there are good manners. But it’s shown in a more relaxed context. In a way, it seems more informal.

But both are beautiful in their own way. Global Mindset, to Sini, means you both appreciate where you come from, have the sensitivity to respect other people’s cultural background, but also bring something positive in your culture. It’s applicable to both business & personal context.

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About the Speaker

Sini Koskenseppä is a Finnish Helsinki-based media entrepreneur and radio professional. She has studied radio journalism and audiovisual media production in Helsinki and International Business and Marketing at Reykjavík University in Iceland. In addition to her radio career in Finland Sini has contributed to the Reykjavík Grapevine in 2015, interned at New York's Leftfield Pictures production company in 2008 and traveled around the world as a freelance journalist in 2011, covering 24 countries. One of her article series from that trip was about teenage girls and their dreams in different continents. The series was published in a Finnish young girls magazine Demi.

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