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Vodcast # 21 - 10 Skills Most Needed from the Future (Now) Workforce by Donna Eiby

@Donnaeiby is the Founder of the Future Work Skills Academy. We are privileged to have invited her to present her findings to us, regarding the kinds of future skills required in order to thrive in the post-pandemic world. To begin with, she would like to introduce what inspired her to discuss this topic at first.

The Institute of the Future, which is a rigorous academic think tank founded in Palo Alto, California, presented an overarching research back in 2011, focusing on the top 10 skills needed for the future.

What resonates with Donna is the singular focus on humans, but not machines. Because after all, machines are meant to facilitate humans’ productivity.

Before mentioning the 10 skills, Donna pointed out that there is a serious problem - data shows that humans are highly disengaged at work. The current gap indicates that only 20% of the workforce are engaged, which is a huge issue per se.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization reported that over 350 million people are suffering from depression. To unpack the report on a more granular level, Donna thinks that the root of the problem lies in a wrong measurement towards the employees. Instead of unlocking human potential, companies tend to measure their performance using Industrial Revolution metrics.

Despite the obstacles and gloomy picture, Donna has a strong conviction that these are opportunities for creative disruption to reimagine work to a human-centered design, and once again, to unlock the wonder of human creativity, empathy, collaboration and cross cultural cooperation to forge a new path for humans.

She looks forward to walking through this new human path with all of you who are watching this video.

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About the Speaker:

Donna Eiby works at the IoE – the Intersection of Everything and the Future of Work.

She started her professional life as an educator and this theme runs through her entire journey so far. Along the way she became interested in industrial law and human capital transformation. 25 years consulting in organisational transformation primarily in tech and working on billion-dollar projects added another addiction to a growing list. Her experience spans the verticals of maritime, information technology, defence, financial services, pharma, transport, human services, and ticketing.

She is a life-long learner and has a number of undergraduate and post graduate degrees the latest in innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship and creativity. She recently extended her academic passion into a PhD with a research focus on the intention of employers to train their workforce in uniquely human skills.

The Future of Work is a complex, atomized topic and she leverages her Fellowship of the Royal Society and membership of General Thinkers to connect with organisations and individuals who inhabit this space.

She is the Founder, Academic and Creative Director of the Future Work Skills Academy. A global, agile, adaptive coalition of experts in those skills identified by the Institute for the Future as necessary for humans to feel engaged, deliver value and find purpose as a number of significant, accelerating factors conspire to radically disrupt work as we know it. The organisation’s primary focus is building agency in these skills; in unlocking human potential that has largely been ignored in the past 2 centuries of industrial education and learning. This venture has necessitated Donna gaining a deeper understanding of neuroscience, learning science and the frontier technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution that converge with learning in ways never before imagined. And it is these topics she weaves into her foresights about humans and the future of work.

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