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Vodcast #014 - No Business Travel Yet Stay Connected by Gurjeet Chima

What has changed for Gurjeet and her business?

For a lot of audience, the lockdown from COVID-19 has changed the way we do business and the way we live. If we believe the fact that 21 days could change & form a habit, imagine how many habits we have changed during this period of time.

For Gurjeet, it’s a routine for her to travel around to close deals and meet clients face-to-face.

Although we are physically separated, we could still be socially connected. Gurjeet thinks that during this time, it’s more than ever to stay connected because everyone of us needs to have a personal touch towards our partners.

Importance of Digital-first

Gurjeet started attending virtual events & seminars online to understand what partners are going through.

A lot of businesses have been changing their revenue models. For the content creation business, they have been switching to a digital subscription model; some have even started charging for virtual events. For retail, ecommerce becomes a must. They have to offer strong online offerings.

Immersive experience may be another step further. What is important now is adapting to current times, as well as preparing for the times ahead. Let’s beware of our changing needs so as to better prepare for it.

For the next episode, Gurjeet will share with us some cases and tactics. Stay tuned!

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About the speaker:

Gurjeet Chima is a media and entertainment practitioner with a focus on cross cultural collaborations. As a second generation Indian in Hong Kong, she advanced her education in Beijing with a Distinction in Chinese Language and Culture followed by a Master's Degree in Translation and Interpretation at the University of Bath, UK. Being fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Punjabi and Hindi, she is a rare professional with rich cross-cultural experience and a global perspective. Ms Chima started her career working for the United Nations as a simultaneous interpreter before moving on to Walt Disney Inc in the same role. She has also worked for international corporations such as BBC Studios, Film Business Asia, Variety and is currently leading the International Markets at Penske Media Corp. Having created and maintained partnerships with Chinese, US, Indian companies, she continues to work in this field to promote exchange of ideas and cross-cultural collaborations.

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