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Vodcast #013 - Achieve a Common Goal by Shiela Cancino

Implication from chess teaching

Shiela is a seasoned chess teacher & certified life coach. She found a strong relationship between playing chess to other areas in life, in particular, the importance of achieving a common goal.

For example, when she first began her career as a chess teacher, she rushed to teach as many as possible to students as she would love to create values. She thought creating values was the only key. However, after gaining feedback she realised that teaching or goal setting is never a one-way exercise. It has to be a two-way. It is important to understand the student’s objectives as well.

What does this imply in cross-cultural leadership?

In the business world, we always want to help team members to grow & reach business objectives. We assign training to our members but do we know what their personal goals are? We expect them to deliver & hit KPIs, but have we asked them how they are doing, especially in challenging times?

Remember these 3 steps: (1) understand your team, (2) communicate for feedback and then (3) align business goals to empower your colleagues, despite individual differences.

About the Speaker:

Shiela Cancino is the author of “Pawn to Queen, Life’s Chess and Quest”, and founder of The Treasures Finder. She is a Certified ICF coach, a member of European Mentoring & Coaching Council, and the Hong Kong International Coaching Community. She is a global citizen, originally from the Philippines and lived in other cities including Bermuda, Cincinnati, Ohio, Bangalore, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Other than playing chess, reading, and book writing, she also loves public speaking. With her "Chess Pawn" speech, she was awarded as the Champion of the JCI World Public Speaking Championship (Hong Kong Selection) 2018 and 1st Runner Up in Toastmasters Division K International Speech Contest in April 2018. She has completed professional speaking programs and a member of Toastmasters and Asia Professional Speaking Singapore.

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