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Vodcast #012 - The Pandemic and Digital Opportunities in the Philippines by Tony Abad


The Philippines suffered a lot during this time of the pandemic. According to Prof. Tony Abad, our Philippines market entry expert, it is due to the limited availability of digitization infrastructure, so called “telecommunication wobbly”. There are only 2 big companies providing internet services, which is not enough for a country of this size.

On the other hand, the Philippines entrepreneurs still hold hesitation on ecommerce & digital business in general. The exposure to using these online tools is insufficient, not to mention advancement. As a result, when the pandemic hits, the Philippines are still struggling to find a way to conduct “contactless” business.


The telecommunication requires more investment & competition. The current tele-structure requires a drastic change to meet the increasing needs.

Secondary services, such as downstream services with regard to digitization will also gain attention there, such as ecommerce & fintech (i.e. payment system, mobile banking).

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About the Speaker:

Tony Abad, based in Manila of the Philippines, is the CEO of TradeAdvisors which provides technical advice and assistance to corporations, business enterprises, government and academic institutions on matters of international trade policy and regulation. He is a reputable international trade law expert, Professor of Law in university, as well as the Chairman for the Philippines of International Chamber of Commerce. He is a frequent speaker for big global business events including WTO, EU, ASEAN Leadership Forum, etc and program host of Bloomberg TV Philippines.

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