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Vodcast #011 - Digital Nomads & Thailand’s Smart Visa by John Ho

Have you ever heard of a term called digital nomad? This is a buzzword that has been popular among the programmers world for quite a time. But for most of us, it is a new way of living which is not bound by your geographies or where you come from. You work & you submit all your work anywhere you like as long as you have internet connection. People treat digital nomads as a combination of work and travel. Go digital!

Thailand is one of the places where many digital nomads love to go. Traditionally, a business visa, work permit and business documents are required by Thai government and it could take a long process. However, things changed a few years back then.

According to our John, there is a scheme called SMART VISA - where there are 4 types of people who are eligible to work legally while skipping the traditional way of application, which are:

  1. Highly skilled experts (food science, robotics professionals)

  2. Senior executives

  3. Start-up entrepreneurs

  4. Investors

Moreover, spouse & children of SMART Visa holders can also apply as well. If you would like to know the details of SMART Visa, this video already summarizes for you.

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About the Speaker:

Mr. John Ho is a social media marketing strategist and co-founder of Alt_. He grew up in Hong Kong and after graduating from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), he spent his first 10 years in Hong Kong working in the hospitality sector. Later on he pursued in network marketing business and also became one of the pioneers in mobile live-streaming with Periscope (Twitter Live App). His global audience is more than 60,000 combined with over 5,000 hours of stream time across platforms like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. He helped built a Facebook page (Martial Tribes) to over 4 million page fans and also created the page "Married to Chiang Mai" with highly engaging content in various formats. John and his family are currently living in Thailand and he is creating his first co-living and co-working space in the old city of Chiang Mai.

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