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Vodcast #007 - Market Entry to India by Gurjeet Chima

Most people have a misunderstanding towards diversity in India. English is the business language. However, people still interact with one another in Indian languages, of which 26 are more well-known to the public. As a result, within each Indian community, they have their distinct cultures. It is essential to understand their cultures before conducting businesses with them.

Regarding pace of doing business, India is noticeably different from China, USA, as well as European countries. In India, in Gurjeet’s experience, if something is expected to be done in  a week, consider the timeline to be 4x longer. In this regard, patience is key. The process of change tends to be slow as well. This has nothing to be with respect, but rather a cultural norm in India.

In terms of business relationships, Indians favor a more long-term partner partly because everything is about relationships.

Finally, the “one size fits all” concept is not applicable to India. 

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About the speaker:

Gurjeet Chima is a media and entertainment practitioner with a focus on cross cultural collaborations. As a second generation Indian in Hong Kong, she advanced her education in Beijing with a Distinction in Chinese Language and Culture followed by a Master's Degree in Translation and Interpretation at the University of Bath, UK. Being fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Punjabi and Hindi, she is a rare professional with rich cross-cultural experience and a global perspective. Ms Chima started her career working for the United Nations as a simultaneous interpreter before moving on to Walt Disney Inc in the same role. She has also worked for international corporations such as BBC Studios, Film Business Asia, Variety and is currently leading the International Markets at Penske Media Corp. Having created and maintained partnerships with Chinese, US, Indian companies, she continues to work in this field to promote exchange of ideas and cross-cultural collaborations.


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