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Vodcast #004 – Vulnerability is Strength by Tan Nguyen

“Vulnerability is the most important quality for leadership”, said Tan Nguyen, our Global Leadership Development Consultant.

Trust could be shaped by leaders openly admitting their own mistakes. Instead of being a sign of weakness, Tan shared another perspective – by showing vulnerability, it shows strength - a chance to learn and transform within the team.

About the Speaker:

In more than 20 years experience in business and organization leadership, Mr. Tan Nguyen has always been curious and passionate about developing people and building high performing teams. Tan particularly focus on vulnerability to overcome fear and therefore help teams leapfrog performance to the next level. Tan dedicated his time running leadership and organization training for leaders in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines and Australia. Tan has a degree in maritime navigation from Vietnam, a Fulbright Post graduate scholarship in public policy from Harvard Kennedy school of policy, and is also a certified Executive coach. Tan speaks English and Vietnamese.

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