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Vodcast #003 - Thai Culture and the Pandemic by John Ho

Welcome to our Cross-Cultural Series! Our guest speaker of this episode is John Ho, a social content strategist and cross-cultural digital creator, offers us insights on how Chiang Mai copes with the pandemic - COVID19.

Enjoy our video.

There are some observations in Thailand, according to John, which are: (1) Community helping one another instead of scrambling for masks and hygienic products. (2) Everyone is giving back to the society using their own efforts. John attributes these phenomena to Thai religion - Buddhism, which places emphasis on doing good deeds are giving back. In a society like this, the seemingly chaotic scene could be prevented and perhaps this is a great mindset we learnt from Thai.

For more cross cultural happenings, stay tuned for our next episode.

About the Speaker:

Mr. John Ho is a social media marketing strategist and co-founder of Alt_. He grew up in Hong Kong and after graduating from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), he spent his first 10 years in Hong Kong working in the hospitality sector. Later on he pursued in network marketing business and also became one of the pioneers in mobile live-streaming with Periscope (Twitter Live App). His global audience is more than 60,000 combined with over 5,000 hours of stream time across platforms like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. He helped built a Facebook page (Martial Tribes) to over 4 million page fans and also created the page "Married to Chiang Mai" with highly engaging content in various formats. John and his family are currently living in Thailand and he is creating his first co-living and co-working space in the old city of Chiang Mai.

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