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Vodcast #002 - Empathy in Leadership by Lashley Pulsipher

Welcome to our Global Mindset Series! Our guest speaker of this episode is Lashley Pulsipher, a certified leadership coach and intercultural consultant, who talks about the correlations between empathy and high-performing leaders.

Pre-requisite of nurturing empathy

Similar to biting a lemon, it helps us understand the feeling if we ourselves experience it. In other words, we should develop self-awareness in order to understand how empathy is like. A higher level would be to understand our own emotional landscape.

Ways to nurture empathy

Lashley offers us with a powerful tip to developing empathy - read local fictions. To understand the cultural differences, it would be great to read the novels from a particular culture.

3 Levels of empathy

Level 1 is the minimum level of empathy, which means you are able to read others’ emotions; while Level 2 is sensing and responding to unspoken concerns. The highest level would be to understand concerns behind feelings - a state we all aim to achieve. Which level are you currently in?

Final Words

According to Lashley, we should be aware that having empathy is like muscle training. We need to constantly flex those empathy muscles to make them as strong as our physical muscles.

Stay tuned for our next episode.

About the Speaker:

Ms. Lashley Pulsipher is a global leadership consultant and certified coach accredited by ICF. She was an enterprising executive in the C-suite accustomed to the dynamic pace working in emerging & growth-leading economies from Africa to the Middle East and South Asia.  She has over a decade of experience leading regional teams across several industries including hospitality, luxury travel, real estate, wellness, and retail. Lashley is an adept communications trainer specializing in executive presence, crisis management, and impactful presentation skills. She holds a master’s degree in International Policy. Lashley also supports entrepreneurs by serving as a guest speaker, coach, and mentor to local start-up programs, as well as a sector expert and judge for the USAID SMEA Challenge Fund and National Incubation Center.

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