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Thank-you Post - an end to 2020 & the Wrap-up

2020 has been a chaotic year fueled with changes, unpredictability, disruptions ☄️ & turbulence. Despite all these chaos, TCP Growth has been managed to gather wisdoms from around the world in

  1. Introducing global mindset and the benefits

  2. Elaborate the importance of cultural intelligence (CQ)

  3. Discovering ways to adapt to the new normal in different cultural settings

  4. Sharing of Asia’s cross-border business opportunities in this pandemic time

  5. Organizing coaching programs for global leaders and teams to reach their goals

  6. Implementing strategies of cross-border business entry

Thanks to our partners, growth catalysts, cross-border advisory members -

Ashwin Rastogi, Aurélien Vasinis, Christina Franken, Donna Eiby, Edward Lee, Eric Tan, Gurjeet Chima, Jan Kot, John Ho, Lashley A. Pulsipher, Rebecca Chir, Shiela M. Cancino, Sini Koskenseppä, Sunaina Vij, Tan Nguyen, Tony Abad, Yvonne Cole and more.

We have been able to adapt to 2020 and prepare a solid start ⭐ for 2021. Stay tuned for our upcoming programs. Lastly, thank you very much to all our followers & supporters.

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