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TCP Growth & Brainsfeed Announce their First Market Entry 10x EBook Series

Hong Kong-based cross cultural training and consulting agency TCP Growth and the on-demand research platform Brainsfeed are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to facilitate further cross-border business growth. 

The alliance has seen the two companies to launch their first joint effort of a digital series dedicated to deliver cross-border market insights in a concise format. 

The first of the 10x Series, Market Entry in China, draws from the partner teams’ on-the-ground knowledge to present you with what considered as the most important aspects of doing business in China. 

The 42-page booklet combines TCP Growth’s years of hands-on experience in cross-cultural business between Western countries and China with Brainsfeed’s collective intelligence workforce of 5,000+ global analysts to break down the information you need to make a China market entry into 10 essential questions. 

“Partnering with seasoned cross-border practitioners enables us to bring together both ends of the knowledge value chain from having the right questions asked to collecting the right data,” says Aurelien Vasinis, founder and CEO of Brainsfeed. “TCP Growth is a valuable partner to help our clients answer the right questions when it comes to expanding to a new market. I am confident we will soon reach new heights thanks to this strategic partnership.”

To download the 1st ebook, click here.

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