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Role Of Internal Communications Training by Lashley Pulsipher

What’s an important but often overlooked way to set employees and your company up for success?

It’s something as simple as Internal Communications Training.

Every employee contributes to your brand, and every employee is an unofficial spokesperson for your brand.

So it’s important to have a company where people communicate well and are mindful of what they share online.

An employee who has a poorly communicated interaction with a customer or has shared information that is detrimental to the company can negatively impact the brand.

TCP Expert, Lashley Pulsipher, shares how communications training helps establish #consistency in communications standards so employees know what the brand stands for and how to communicate with co-workers and customers in a variety of situations.

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About the Speaker:

Ms. Lashley Pulsipher is a global leadership consultant and ICF certified executive coach based in Denver, Colorado, USA. She is an enterprising former CxO who is accustomed to the dynamic pace of working in emerging & growth-leading economies from Africa to the Middle East and South Asia. She has more than a decade of experience leading regional teams across several industries including customer experience, luxury hospitality & real estate, international security, and wellness. Lashley is an adept communications trainer specializing in executive presence, crisis management, and impactful presentation skills. She holds a master’s degree in International Policy. Lashley supports entrepreneurs by serving as a guest speaker, coach, and mentor to start-up programs around the world. She also volunteers as a facilitator for restorative justice programs in Denver, Colorado.

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