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Promoting Diversity in the Workplace by Sunaina Vij

A one size fits all approach doesn’t work for organizations when it comes to implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Change only happens when leadership really values the well-being of their employees and is committed to making their voices heard.

No two people are the same and if leaders really value employees as their greatest asset, then they need to really consider what efforts they are willing to make them feel included, and have their voices heard. It is all because the change needs to come from the #top.

When employees don’t feel that their ideas, presence, or contributions are truly valued or taken seriously by their organization, they will eventually leave.

TCP’s Inclusion and Intercultural Expert, @SunainaVij, advises leaders to look #inwards and think about why they want the change to happen and then understand from their employees what changes need to be made.

About the Speaker:

Ms. Sunaina Vij is a certified Cultural Intelligence facilitator (CQ) and a linguist. Based in Mumbai, she founded The Bridge to facilitate intercultural growth in the multicultural subcontinent of India. She is associated with various organizations such as the American School of Bombay, Alliance française de Bombay, and Renaissance strategic Consultant Pvt. Ltd. She is also a part of SIETAR Europa (Society for Intercultural Training and Research) 2019 organizing committee. With over a decade of experience, she has worked with senior management of different organizations such as AREVA India Pvt Ltd., Ernst & Young, Intelnet Global, and State Bank of India- Société Générale. She has also worked with educational institutions in India and expats living in Mumbai. Her areas of expertise include Cross-Cultural communication, Cultural Intelligence facilitation, and inclusive work practice. She is an FLE specialist (teaching French as a foreign language). She knows English, Hindi, French, and three Indian regional languages.

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