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Highlight 2 from TCP Live#2

🌎 Think Global, Act Local

That’s the mantra for global brands eyeing #success in local markets.

But can you ever understand a foreign market as well as a local person would?

⛰️Understanding the nuances of people from a different culture, dealing with foreign bureaucracy, tax implications are just tip of the iceberg.

When you take your business international, you’re taking your business into possibly unchartered territories.

A great local partner will know the market and how to navigate it successfully. This in turn will minimise the costs and risks that can come with international market expansion.

🔎But make sure you do your background research on your potential local partners well.

@Tony Abad, our guest on this week’s TCP Live Webinar, recommends two pointers to check for when you are choosing your local partner - Is the person well versed with the local business regulations and most importantly can they be trusted to protect your interests?

How would you go about selecting a local partner for your localisation efforts?

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