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Highlight#1 from TCP Live#7 - Asking for what you want by Yasushi Okue

In Japan, being overt is considered rude.

For an outsider doing business in Japan, it’s important to remember that the Japanese have a high-context culture and rely on group actions.

Business is all about relationships and connecting with other people.

And the people you do business with could be your clients, your peers, and your greatest asset.

But it all depends on if you know how to build genuine relationships and make requests to move your business forward.

This can get especially challenging in cross-cultural scenarios though.

Case in point – While highlighting your individualism is a good way to make a good impression in western culture, the same act would be frowned upon in a collective East Asian Culture.

And in corporate situations, where you often need to ask a favor, it’s important to read between the lines and do it in a subtle way.

In this month’s TCP Live, Yasushi Okue, who has been involved in launching overseas-based IT services in Japan as well as expanding businesses after a number of years of flat growth, shares his personal learnings on how to navigate such tricky situations while doing business in Japan.

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