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Highlight#1 from TCP Live#6 - Promoting Diversity by Goodie Okechukwu

Women comprise a large segment of the available managerial talent across the globe, yet their representation at top-level managerial positions is rather obscure. The leadership prospect for women managers is a critical issue in gender equality for businesses looking to succeed in today’s VUCA world.

When the question of how to incentivize companies to promote gender equality came up in our latest TCP Live on “ How to Promote Diversity in the Workplace?”, Goodie Okechukwu, Founder of Protect Accent shared the significance of closing the gender pay gap along with making the effort to train women from the very beginning so that they can compete with their male counterparts for top positions later on in their careers.

According to McKinsey, companies that have more gender diversity are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability, and companies with more culturally and ethnically diverse executive teams were 33% more likely to see better-than-average profits.

Diversity and inclusion, especially gender inclusion, is a massive benefit for any organization as it positively impacts their bottom line.

By not placing an emphasis on gender diversity, companies are actually limiting how much talent is coming into their organization and missing out on different points of view, which come from different life experiences.

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About the Author

Goodie Okechukwu is a radical inclusionist, change catalyst, with a mindset of the transformer, and very passionate about Equality and Diversity. She holds a Masters's degree in Diversity Management and has made valuable contributions to this field over the years. Goodie is obsessed with the inclusion of accent diversity in the workspace, she is the founder of the #ProtectAccent campaign. Goodie is an author, her first book – “Navigating the Problems and Solutions of Work-Life -Balance” is available for sale on Amazon in hard copy and Amazon’s kindle formats. Goodie’s books are also available in major bookstores in The UK, New York, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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