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Highlight#1 from TCP Live#4 - Being Open-minded to different Experiences

Have you ever wondered why some of your colleagues seem to be making constant progress in their professional and personal lives, while others appear to be doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over?

If you look closely, you will notice an important difference in their mindset - in how each of these groups approaches obstacles and challenges very differently.

In the end, It all comes down to #mindset.

Successful people tend to approach life with an open mindset — an eagerness to learn and a willingness to be wrong.

The other group digs their heels in at the first sign of disagreement and would rather die than be wrong.

It turns out, the way each group approaches obstacles defines much of what separates them.

Tomas Kucera, a renowned cross border business consultant and our guest on last month’s TCP Live on “ How to adapt to various hierarchical corporate cultures?”, urged viewers to be open-minded to different ideas and experiences because ultimately it’s the key to becoming smarter and stronger for a better future.


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About the Speaker:

Mr. Tomas Kucera is a multilingual international business development consultant, currently based in Shanghai. He is originally from the Czech Republic and brought up in the US. His career includes serving the World Bank, one of the most culturally diverse organizations in the world. He is currently working for Shanghai Foreign Service Group, FSG, the largest HR, and Corporate Services company in China. His mission is to help companies bridge the vast business and cultural divide so they can succeed in China. He speaks Czech, English, and Mandarin.

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