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100% Adaptive Global Leadership E-Learning Program co-created by TCP and FWSA

Hong Kong-based cross-cultural performance training and growth partnership consultancy TCP Growth Limited (TCP) and Australia-based future-driven workskills platform - the Future Work Skills Academy (FWSA) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to facilitate lifelong learning in light of the ever-changing workplace dynamics resulting not only from a global pandemic, but also the inevitable force of technological advancement.

Co-created by TCP & FWSA, the Adaptive Global Leadership and Super Teams Certificate Program is essential for leaders tasked with stewarding their organizations through the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous 21st century. Fully online with digital contents, live webinars and small group coaching tailored to executive leaders and teams, this program targets those who are looking to skill up and thrive in the Age of Uncertainty.

By merging FWSA expertise in skills development and TCP’s knowledge in market entry and product localization, our joined alliance will reward the program participants with adaptability skills to thrive, social intelligence to connect, cross-cultural understanding to succeed.

Upon completing the four-week long course, the participants are set to gain from toolsets to mindsets to skillsets of adaptive thinking to excel in the 21st century.

About TCP Growth Ltd (TCP)

TCP drives cross-cultural performance and cross-border business growth for content and technology partners in Asian markets - through Training, Consulting and Partnerships. As our partners' global growth catalysts, we build gateways for their cross-border business expansions. Besides, our cross-cultural performance and global communication online-blended training programs empower corporate executives and teams to transform insights into practical uses. As of today, our expanding alliance network covers Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Delhi, Mumbai, Manila, Dubai and Ulaanbaatar.

About Future Work Skills Academy (FWSA)

The Future Work Skills Academy provides access to essential skill building learning programs that drive organisational effectiveness in a volatile and unpredictable world. We exist to create training in emerging competencies, delivered by world class experts and guided by the latest learning science in service to the goals of our clients. And we have one purpose: to be the spark that ignites the workforce and unlocks human potential. The future has never looked so promising.

For more information, please contact Jan Kot at jan@tcpgrowth.com or Edward Lee at edward@tcpgrowth.com.

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